Stop Using Plastic Bag! it can be Dangerous for Earth and Human

October 13, 2012 | By Devina Janice | Filed in: Blogging.

Stop Using Plastic Bag!!! Do you know that plastic is very dangerous for our nature? Yes, it is. Plastic is one of the things that cannot be recycled and or even biodegradable, because every plastic trash will be destroyed naturally within 200-400 years. Although using plastic is very cheap and simple, plastic is wasting one of the natural resources, petroleum.

Plastic is made by petroleum and for me, wasting natural resources only for the plastic isn’t good. Beside that, plastic is also can harm the existence of ocean animals like turtle or whale because they accidentally swallow the plastic or twisted because of it. So, there’s bunch of ocean animals dead because of plastic.

We have to Stop Using Plastic Bag!

Plastic bag

Plastic bags

Trying to not using plastic bag for the first step to save the environment, for example, when you buy something in a minimarket, just put your groceries in your bag. Don’t use the plastic bag, or if you forced to use it, don’t throw the plastic away after you use it, you can reuse the plastic for another needs.

If you throw the plastic or for worse, you burn it, well it can be dangerous for earth and human because burn the plastic can release poisonous substances to the air, then it can cause air pollution and harm all the people like trigger the cancer or weakens the immune system.

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Plastic is made of polymer. In making process of the plastic, there’s kind of plasticizers putted inside of the process in order to get a smooth texture, flexible, and formable. That’s the reason why plastic should not be a food wrap, because the plasticizers can contaminate the food.

Moreover if the food is still warming, then wrapped by the plastic, the monomers will easy to release and move to our body through the meal. Beside that, plastic bag that we used everyday is contain of dangerous carcinogens because came from unclean recycle process. The dye is also absorbs into the meal and become toxic.

So, what will we do now in order to less the using of plastic bag?

According to me, the government should make strict rules about the using of plastic, so there’s no plastic trash in our environment anymore. In Ireland, every use of plastic bag will fined by 15 cents so it less the uses of this kind of bag. Some countries like Bangladesh, France and Alaska are not allowing their citizens to use plastic bag anymore, because they see the fact that plastic trash can pollute their environment.

If this kind of bag is very necessary for you, well let’s try to think about make a biodegradable plastic bag like in South Africa. So, you can reuse it, or recycle it, and very eco friendly.

There’s a characteristic of biodegradable plastic,

first the plastic bag should have disappeared without any tract. Second, the demolition of plastic bag should happen within 3-6 month. Third, the demolition of plastic bag shouldn’t leave the toxic residue.

Well, we know that if we want to change the whole people to not using a plastic bag anymore or even produce a biodegradable plastic, it needs so much cost and government action.

But, I think we don’t need to waiting for a government to make the rules about it, let start to save the world by our little step like refuse of using plastic when we go shopping, reuse our plastic bag and never throw it away or even burn it, and the last is asking people to do the same.

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