The Benefits of Propolis to Human’s Health

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Benefits of propolis to Human’s Health: Now, the air condition in this world is getting worse. There are pollution caused by the vehicles in the city and its surrounding. Bad air condition is consists of poisonous substances like carbon dioxide that may cause many kind of disease.


But, that’s not the only one that will threaten human’s health. More than a million viruses, bacterium, fungi, and other kind of toxic will attack our immune if we don’t keep our health.

Keep our immune system is a good start for protect our body from many kind of diseases. There are so many factors that will affect our immune system like consume unhealthy food like junk food, bad lifestyle, lack of rest, never doing exercises, bad environment like pollution and radiation.

To keep our body’s health, we need some nutrition that will increase our immune system and protect any kind of diseases that will attack the body. Bee pollen or Propolis is a substance from the honey bee. The honey bees collect it from the leaflet then mix it with their saliva to sterilized and patch their beehive.

Propolis is a bacterium disinfectant that will kill all the germs in their beehive. Bees use the propolis to protect their eggs, the queen bee, baby bee, and honey from the germs, viruses, and bacterium.

It can be used for human to protect their immune system because propolis is consists of substances that the human’s body needed for develop the immune system. Those substances are all the vitamins except K vitamin, all the mineral that the body needed but not sulfur, Bioflavonoid (antioxidants substance as a cell supplement). According to the research, Bioflavonoid in one drops of propolis is equal to bioflavonoid in five hundreds oranges.

The Benefits of Propolis to Human’s Health

Propolis can be a natural treatment for any kind of diseases caused by bacterium like typhus, diarrhea, and eliminate body odor, for the diseases caused by the viruses like TBC, influenza, scarlet fever, and others, and for the diseases caused by fungi like eczema, panu, whitish, and others.

Based on the research, there are more than three hundreds unsure in propolis. As a result of how complex and complete the unsure in the propolis are, so propolis has more than sixty benefits for human’s body. The benefits are  activate macrophages, inhibit tumor cells growth, anti bacterium, anti allergic, antibiotic, anti depression, anti bleeding, anti septic, anti virus, anti stress, anti leukemia, anti TBC, anti fungal, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, anti-radiation of the sun, and many others benefits in propolis.

Based on the benefits of the propolis, we can conclude that more than three hundreds kind of diseases from all the system in the body. From digestive system, immune system, nervous system, secretion system, reproductive system, respiratory system, excretion system, circulation system, and gland system are dangerous if we don’t keep our body from those diseases by consume propolis everyday.

Propolis has no negative effects. So, we are safe to consume propolis in our daily life to prevent any kind of diseases that may show up in the future. Be health, because health is expensive.

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