The Challenging Water Sports

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If holiday time is coming, most of the people want to go to the beach to relaxing, enjoy the sunlight, play with the sand, or doing water sports. Wait, water sports ? Have you ever tried water sport or heard information about it? Well, water sports is one of the challenging sports.

The Challenging Water Sports

Moreover, they do the exercise on the beach or river, something that unusual to sporting but challenging and interesting. So, what kind of water sport that we have to know? There are jet skiing, diving, snorkeling, wake boarding, and rafting.

More Detail about kind of water sports

Jet skiing is one of the challenging water sport, we can drive it with a high speed. Like doing racing on the water. Jet ski use motor power to running the engine.

If we want to jet skiing, we cannot drive it by our self, but we have to keep company by the instructor. Tanjung Benoa in Bali or Anyer Beach is a good place to do jet skiing.

Diving is the one of the hardest water sport. We have to dive about 300 meters under water to see underwater scenery. We must have some skills to do this sport, because our lungs have to adapt with water pressure under water.

The equipments to dive are swim suit, oxygen tube, masks, and flippers. If we want to dive, we have to get a dive license. Raja Ampat in Papua is a good place to do diving because, the underwater scenery in there is so beautiful and very clear.

If diving needs a legal license, snorkeling isn’t. If we can swim, we can snorkeling, pretty simple, right? The equipments we need just masks, snorkel, and flippers, we can bring buoy if it necessary. We don’t have to dive deeper if we do snorkeling.

Usually, good place for snorkeling is in shallow waters that enable to see the coral reefs and beautiful fish. Duration of time when we snorkeling has a limit, it depends on a breathing technique of the diver. So, snorkeling is simpler than diving.

Surfing is one of the difficult water sports, because we have to surf above the waves and keep our body balance. The equipments are surfboard, and wetsuit.

Need a good balancing and guts to surfing. Desert Point in Lombok, Pulau Nias and Mentawai is a good place to surfing, because there is big wave there.

Wake boarding is kind a similar with surfing but the shape of the board is more similar with skate board. If we want to try this, we will pull by the speed boat with a high speed, and we need a balancing and special technique to do this activity.

The last is, rafting, this activity is good and fit for the adventurer. Across the river with many dangerous cascades is the most interesting for the adventurer.

Beside, rafting is fun and we can rafting together with out family and our friend. Citarik river is a good place to rafting, because the water is clear and relative for the whole year.

So, that is a choice to do a water sports for holiday. Which one is your favorite?

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