The Controversial of Marijuana Legalized

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Marijuana or Cannabis sativa in Latin is a fiber plants. It is better known because of it narcotic substances in its seeds. The THC, tetra-hydro-cannabinol in the marijuana could make its user experiences euphoria or feeling happy without a cause. This kind of plants usually made into weed. This plant’s height reaches 2 feet tall, it only growth in tropical mountains with height above 1000 meter above sea level.
The Controversial of Marijuana Legalized
In some countries, this plant classified into narcotics, although it didn’t prove that marijuana user become addicted to it. It’s different with the other kind of drugs which use synthetic materials and it could damage the brain cells which is the dangerous of it has already obvious to the people.

Between the marijuana users, there’s a diverse effect, especially the person would feel too much euphoria after smoke it and also the concentration would decrease or lose if the effect gone worst.

Generally, the negative effect of marijuana is the user will be lazier and their brain’s working will be very slow to think. Realize about those negative effect of marijuana, the constitution in Indonesia about narcotics determined that marijuana classified into Narcotic in Category I, it means it allows to used in order to scientific development and it forbidden to used for any therapy because the potential to cause addiction is very risk.

The Controversial of Marijuana Legalized

In last research about the cannabis, it found there are 3 kinds of marijuana plants, there are Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis. Those three plants contain of different level of THC. Cannabis indica contains the most THC than other types of marijuana, the second one is Cannabis sativa, and the last one, Cannabis ruderalis contains the less THC.

THC itself is a psychoactive substance that has hallucinations as its effect. Because of the effect of THC, the people who perverts marijuana will get the dangerous psychoactive effect.

So, it can be concluded that this plant has negative effect rather than its positive effect to the people. But, there are some people think that this plant should be legalized because there are some countries such as Holland who legalized the used of marijuana.

Some of the people think that this plant is a natural materials because it came from plants and it shouldn’t be forbidden because it also has the positive effects like for the musician and artist, this plant is very useful to help them perform totally on stage because of its euphoria effect.

In some other countries, the growth of this plant is allow for the benefit from its fiber. The term and condition is the variety of this plant should contain the less of narcotic materials or none. Before the strict prohibiton about the marijuana cultivation, in Aceh cannabis is a component of vegetable that very common to served.

This plant has so many different words in the circle of its user or junkies like weed, dope, hemp, hash, pot, joint, sinsemilla, grass, and others. Cannabis also spreads in so many countries especially tropical and sub-tropical countries like Indonesia, India, Nepal, Thailand, Laos, Kamboja, and others.

So the pro and cons between the legal of marijuana consumption in Indonesia still debated, because this plant brings more negative effects than its positive effects. Even in another country such as Holland this plant is allow, but maybe the haven’t completely right if the legalize about this plant applied in Indonesia.

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