The Fenomenal Gangnam Style

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The Fenomenal Gangnam StyleGangnam Style is really happening right now. Everyone’s talking about it and even learn how to dance Gangnam Style. Most of the people in the world start with children until adults, they are infected by Gangnam Style dance.

Gangnam Style is very fenomenal, the songs and the choreograph was originally performed by PSY, Park Jae Sang a singer and rapper from South Korea. PSY spent his childhood in South Korea, but he has been registered and studied in Boston University and then in Berklee College of Music.

He popularize Gangnam Style dance like a horse riding dance, because of the unique style of it and also the song is very easy listening, that’s why Gangnam Style song’s really famous in 2012.

The Fenomenal Gangnam Style

At Gangnam Style first appearance, Gangnam Style became the most watched K-Pop video on You Tube in 2012. Gangnam Style itself is a term that used by South Korean people to describe glamorous lifestyle in Gangnam District.

Gangnam District is a trendy and prosperous area in Seoul which there are so many artist and also public figure lives in there, so that’s why Gangnam District is one of the elite area.

If you are one of the K-Pop big fans, you must know that in Gangnam District there are management office of big Korean artist like S. M. Entertainment who manages Super Junior, SNSD, others and also JYP Entertainment who manages Wonder Girls, 2PM, and others.

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PSY and General Secretary of UN, Ban Ki Moon do Gangnam Style

Gangnam District dubbed as Korean Beverly Hills because all of it glamorous lifestyle in there. Gangnam District is a never sleep area, for the fashion lovers, Gangnam District offers so many branded store like Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, Prada, Giorgio Armani, and other world class line fashion in the world.

The largest mall in Seoul also located in Gangnam District, the name is COEX Mall. In this district, everyone also can find the plastic surgery facility with the best doctor ever. Gangnam is such a heaven for the people who want to change their physical through plastic surgery.
gangnamIf we would like to comprehends the lyric of Gangnam Style song actually the Gangnam Style’s lyrics contains a social critique for the silly luxury lifestyle in Gangnam District, for example a women would let her self starves and only eat cheap instant noodle because half of her money wasted just to buy a cup of Starbucks Coffee in there.

Because the high class life style is already be a part of Gangnam District’s culture, so the outfit of every people in there is very concerned too. So if you want to visit Gangnam District, please get dress fashionably because Gangnam is very sensitive of it.

But beyond its luxury, Gangnam District still preserve the South Korea tradition. There are so many culture and art places like Kimchi Museum, Horim Art Center, Coreana Art and Culture Complex and many other places which sells unique things of South Korea.

There are also bunch of Korean restaurants in there, means even though the Gangnam District is very modern, but the tradition of South Korea still be a part of it.

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