What is the Definition of The Ghost Writer

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The Ghost Writer; A book by its writer with their name on it is usual. We must knew every of the author of our book. Name of a book’s writer is suppose to putted on the cover with the title, then after the book is getting published, the author will launching their book, introduce themselves, and review the content of their book at one time.

So, we can take a conclusion that every person who wants to write a book, article, and story beside they want to throw their passion into writing they also wanted to be famous ‘cause of their masterpiece of writing. But, there’s a kind of writer who don’t want to be known by the people because they are getting paid to be a ghost writer.

Well, what’s the definition of ghost writer anyway?

The Ghost Writer

ghost writer

The ghost writer is a professional writer, they are getting paid to write a story, a book, or edit some drafts which are officially credited to other person like celebrity or politician.

The celebrity or politician often hires the ghost writer to write a draft or edit the autobiography, articles, or other texts. The ghost writer might be involved into some books or stories making, or they worked to edit the rough drafts.

Some of the article providers made a different standard about the recruitment to be a ghost writer. The standard is based on the different of the selected segmentation and positioning according to the related sites. So, for you, Readers if you want to be a ghost writer, you should have an ability to write in English with good grammar, use the right vocabularies, and you knew about the slang language.

That first requirement is count when you have to make an article in English. But, if you focus in Indonesian articles, you should understand about the using of EYD. The last thing is you should convince yourself that you are a freelance writer, so whatever topic that ordered from the hirer, you should be flexible.

Beside that, you should show your professionalism by finishing the text which has already ordered as soon as possible or before the time limit. Because the soon you finish that text, it’s better for yourself as a professional freelance writer.

Have the ability to research and analysis every reference that fits into the topic is important too. This isn’t complicate, you just browse the references related to the topic in the internet, and then you filter the references and write it with your own writing style.

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The articles made by ghost writer have to be fresh, unique, natural, and not a copy paste thing. So to be a ghost writer you can arrange your target clients, you can find it in Facebook or Google.

The client means the person who wants to be written by you, and then after you get your clients, you should interview your client about the content of the articles or books and also the fee. Put the agreement into the contract, so there will be no hard feeling. And the last thing to do is offering your drafts to the publisher.

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