The Healthy Fro-Yo: Will Keep Your Digestion Health and Balance

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frozen yoghurtTeenagers in this era have an obsession to be as skinny as a model. So, they’ve been on diet and they do every way to keep their weight proportional and ideal. For them, ice cream is a big no. They prefer to eat frozen yoghurt. The form is just look like ice cream, but the taste of it is sour and a little bit sweet.

Why there is a yoghurt word ? why not yogurt ?

Okay…let us refere to wikipedia: Wiki said, Frozen yogurt (also spelled frozen yoghurt; also known as frogurt or by the tradename Froyo) is a frozen dessert made with yogurt and sometimes other dairy products.

So it will no be a problem if we are using yoghurt rihgh?

Back to topic..

Frozen yoghurt keeps us healthy and fresh. Nowadays, there are more than one flavor of frozen yoghurt, there are peanut butter, blueberry, chocolate, and green tea. The attractive flavor of the frozen yoghurt is one of the reasons why teenager chose it than ice cream. The taste is good and low fat.

What makes frozen yoghurt more interested is its various topping. You can add strawberry, mango, cherry to your frozen yoghurt, beside that there’s also chocolate wafer, candy, and caramel as the topping too. But, I suggest you better choose fruits to eat with your frozen yoghurt than chocolate and candy which can make your calorie leaps.

The low calorie of frozen yoghurt doesn’t mean you can eat it as many as you can, because there’s a frozen yoghurt store that let the customer to take the portion of the fro-yo as many as you want.

Maybe there are some teenagers who haven’t known yet about the benefit of eating yoghurt. Let’s start it with the a little history about fro-yo first. Frozen yoghurt first introduced was in New England, northeast USA in 1970 as dessert by H. P. Hood.

If we compare it with ice cream, fro-yo contains less fat than ice cream. Yoghurt keeps our colon health and prevents us from intestine cancer, because gastrointestinal cancer often happens in colon.

The Healthy Fro-Yo [ frozen yoghurt ]

frozen yoghurt


The bacterial in yoghurt, Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus are good bacterial that keep our digestion health and balance. It can change procarcinogens in digestive system and prevent the occurrence of cancer.

The good bacterial in yoghurt also cure digestive condition like lactose intolerance, constipation, diarrhea, gastrointestinal cancer, enteritis, and H. pylori infection, it’s kind of the bacteria which can infect the top side of small intestine that lead to stomach cancer.

Because fro-yo made from milk, our body also get the proteins, vitamin B2, B12, potassium, and magnesium from fro-yo, some products of the fro-yo complete the contents by adding vitamin D. the combination of vitamin D and calcium is good to strength our bones and tooth.

Beside that, yoghurt also helps us to glut our stomach, so it will help teenager who wants to keep skinny, because after they ate fro-yo, automatically their stomach is half full and their having lunch with a less portion.

For you, Readers who allergic with milk, you can replace the protein from the milk by consume fro-yo. Beside that, yoghurt is easier to digest than milk because yoghurt contains of less lactose.

Lactic acid in yoghurt can help calcium digestion so it will be easier to absorb. So, with all of those benefits of fro-yo for our health let’s start to consume it maybe once or twice a week to keep your health.

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