The History of Human Rights Development

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human rightsIn human rights history, there was so many things happened related to the civil rights. For example when world war II, in Germany, Adolf Hitler the leader of Nazi killed Jewish people because he wanted to purify their race.

At that time, the human rights have not been fully respected, so that’s why so many people resisted to the dictator to fought their human rights.

The people sacrificed their soul and physical to fight for their rights, they did this so in the future the people know what the importance of human right, so there will not be a racism and also murder of the minority people.

The History of Human Rights Development

In west, the people tried to make some documents about human rights, because human right is something that inherent in every human being and it has to be guaranteed. Finally, there were documents about some rights which was underlay the universal of human life. The documents are…

  1. Magna Charta in 1215. A document which wrote some rights given by King John from England to the nobles as the answer of their demand.
  2. Bill of Rights in 1689. The rules that have been accepted by the England parliament after they successfully resisted to the King James XI in The Glonous Revolution of 1688 a year before.
  3. Declaration Des Droits De L’Homme Et Du Citoyen (Human Rights and Citizen Statement) in 1789. This document was born at the beginning of France Revolution as a resistance to the king because of his dictator and corrupt in the old regime.
  4. Bill of Rights, a document arranged by American people in1789 and this document became a part of constitution in 1791.

The rights in those documents affected by natural law which according to John Locke and J.J. Rousseau only limited in political rights such as right of freedom, right to choose, the equal of right and others.

After that, there were born four rights of freedom by United States President, Franklin D. Roosevelt, this document known as The Four Freedoms, the contents are:

  1. Freedom of Speech
  2. Freedom of Religion
  3. Freedom from Fear
  4. Freedom from Want

Universal declaration,The History of Human Rights DevelopmentIn line with this document, United Nation in 1946 established the commission of human rights, they decided in detail about some of the economy and social rights beside the political rights, so in 1948 this commission made the document called Universal Declaration of Human Right which is accepted by the member countries in United Nation.

So it means, every country in this world agree to respect and guarantee the importance of human right. If there any serious human right violation in a country, then it would the case or problem for United Nation and also the member country to giving a help or protection to the victim of violation.

So, as a youth, we need to always giving hands for the people who haven’t got their right or the victim of human right violation because it’s our duty to keep fighting for the right. So, there wouldn’t be any colonialism anymore or discriminate by sex, skin color, or else in this era.

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