The History of Sushi

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History of Sushi: Now, sushi’s booth is everywhere in town, I think Indonesian people starts to love this kind of food. Sushi in Indonesia has already improved, adjusting with Indonesian’s savor, so that’s why Indonesian people could love this Japanese food.

Mostly, teenager in Indonesia prefers to eat sushi than Indonesian’s cuisine, so they claimed themselves to be sushi lovers. But, I’m not really sure if they really know about sushi itself, I think they are only know that sushi is from Japan, and it’s really tasty.

Most of them have no idea about the history and types of sushi. So, before you being a sushi lover, it’s better if you know about the history of sushi first.

Sushi is Japanese food consist of rice formed with a side dish, whether it’s uncooked seafood, meat, or vegetables. Sushi rice has sour taste but smooth, because the seasoning mixture are rice vinegar, salt, and sugar. Sushi term came from ancient grammatical form that no longer used, because literally, sushi means sour, a visualization about fermentation process.

So, sushi is an example of fish fermentation process which formed in rice. The vinegar from sushi process elaborate amino acid from fish meat which is resulting one of the five base taste called umami in Japan.

Before Edo era, most of the well-known sushi there is oshizushi type. Oshizushi sushi is formed by pressing it above square wood container. This oshizushi sushi served in large portion, because reputedly in earlier time, Japanese people are good to eat sushi in large portion.

In the end of Edo era, there’s nigirizushi, portion of nigirizushi is less than oshizushi in order to make the sushi is easy to eat. Until 1970, sushi is well-known as luxury food, ordinary people in Japan only eat sushi when there’s a big celebration and it’s very limited just for delivery order sushi.

Commonly, sushi is categorized based on rice form. There are nigirizushi, oshizushi, chirashizushi, inarizushi, and narezushi.

The History of Sushi (Japanesse Food)

Nigirizushi - History of SushiNigirizushi made by fresh sea food, commonly the uncooked one. The seafood is putted above the rice which has already clenched. Nori or seaweed usually used to tight the neta or the side dish so the neta won’t separate with rice. The neta for nigirizushi are fishes, eel or unagi, fish egg, squid, scallop, or shrimp.

We can enjoy nigirizushi by dowse it into soy sauce, commonly we use hands to eat that not chopstick. We eat nigirizushi just one bite, that’s the tradition.

Oshizushi - History of Sushi

Oshizushi, rice set with the neta which pressed for a while in order to make the sushi solid and has rectangle form. After that, cut it so it can be easy to eat. Chirashizushi, rice of sushi, we eat together with neta (sea food and vegetables which cut into small pieces), rice of sushi isn’t formed but loaded into wood container, bowl, or plate. Chirashizushi is one of the homes cooking that very famous in Japan to celebrate a special day.



Inarizushi is rice of sushi that wrapped by aburage which previously cooked with soy sauce and sugar. Inarizushi isn’t filled with fish or another side dish, because aburage itself is a protein source.Then, narezushi, kind of ancient sushi, fish covered by salt and rice, and then allow it to ferment.

So, types of sushi above are the original sushi from Japan. Which one do you like?

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