The Introduction of Pap Smear Test

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The Introduction of Pap Smear Test, Pap Smear test is very important for women, mostly for women who sexually active and woman who had given birth. This pap smear test was found by Georgios Papanicolaou, that’s why the name of the test is pap smear because Pap Smear stands for Papanicolaou Test.

This test is a test that used for cervical cancer detection through screening in cervical zone. Beside that, with this test we could find out if there’s an infection or abnormal cells which can transform into cancer cell so the women can do preventive action to prevent the infection.

If every women takes pap smear test routinely, then they have already prevent themselves from cervical cancer.

The Introduction of Pap Smear Test

The Introduction of Pap Smear TestAs we know and still related to the last article which is The Cervical Cancer, Number One Killer of Women in The World, cervical cancer is cancer that mostly attack the woman beside breast cancer.

This cancer causing high number of death because of it. Like another cancer, early detection of cancer is a key of therapeutic efficacy.

If the cancer is detected in early time it means that the stage is not in the high level, so the treatment and the possibility for recovery is big.

This test is a non-invasive examination which is specific and sensitive enough to detect the existence of cells transformation in cervical zone in the very first time.

In general, suggestion to every women to take pap smear for the first time after 3 years she had sex for the first time. American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologist recommends to take the test once in a year for 21-29 years old women and 2-3 times a year for 30+ years old women with the note that their pap smear’s result is negative for 3 times in a row.

The limit of the women to stop take pap smear test is 70 years old and the pap smear’s result is negative for 3 times in a row for 10 years.

This test is very simple and the process is very quick, and usually it’s not so hurt. The doctor will open the vagina with special tool called speculum vagina. When the cervix is visible, with the spatula the doctors will be wiped around the cervix to get sap or mucus.

The sap will be analyzed in laboratory. Usually the result will release after a week after the test. There are some possibilities of the pap smear’s result, but generally it can be categorized to be negative, positive, and dysplasia.
Pap-SmearFor the negative result it means that she’s normal and there’s no abnormal cells found or dangerous.

This is a good sign, and usually the women will be asked to take the test again after one year. For the positive result, it means there’s abnormal cell in the cervix.

For this result, the doctor will scheduled some other tests like colposcopy test, cervix test with acetic acid smear of the cervix and HPV (Human Papillomavirus) test to know if there’s any HPV infection. For the third result is dysplasia, it means the condition’s still normal but there’s a transformation of the cells.

This condition will happen because of some factors maybe like infection (bacterial, fungi, or cells transformation that related to herpes simplex virus infection). In this condition, the doctor will give a therapy and suggest to re-take the test 3-6 moths later.

Between 70% until 95% pap smear’s result is accurate, the pap smear’s result depends on testing laboratories like the accuracy of sample taking, transportation, interpretation of pictures, also the conclusion and suggestion writing. The result can be false positive, means that the women has no abnormal cells but in the previous result it said that she had the abnormal cells.

Or false negative, it turns out that the previous test’s result that said the women’s cervix condition is normal, but the right result is there’s a problem with the cells.

We though our explanation about The Introduction of Pap Smear Test is enough, what do you thin ?

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