The Legend of Dracula and Vampire

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If we ever seen the movie about Dracula or Vampire in television, we can conclude that Dracula is similar with Vampire, because both of them are suck blood from human, has canine tooth, and also pale white skin. The films desribed them as monsters who appeared in the middle of the night and start to raven, and the victim is always a beautiful woman.

One of the most popular Dracula movie is Dracula by Bram Stoker. In that movie, Dracula described as a creepy cursed monster who looked for a woman that looks like her fiancee. He tried to get the woman by killing the woman’s mates one by one in order to marry her.

So, when the movie released, people mindset about Dracula is always the same, a monster who sucks human blood in the middle of the night.


People start to afraid of Dracula, because some of the rumors said that Dracula is real in a long time ago, and some of it said that Dracula is only a legend. But, when the Twilight sequel by Stephenie Meyer is released, people’s fears about Dracula or Vampire is less.

Because in Stephenie Meyer’s books, Vampires divided into two groups, the vegetarian one and the carnivore one. Plus, the Edward’s role as a charming vampire makes the people fall in love with vampire, so they are not afraid anymore.

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Now, the question is, what’s the real story about Dracula and Vampire? And what’s the difference between them? Let’s crack it!

Dracula is known as a father of Vampire. The real story is, in 1431 there’s a Wallachia Prince called Vlad III who has a power in his kingdom. According to the history, Vlad known for his opposition to the expansion of Ottoman Empire and his cruel punishments for the enemies.

Vlad III known as a vampire because he inspired the vampire character in Bram Stoker’s novel in 1897, Dracula.

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Vlad III was born in Transylvania. He descend his father title as a Draculea or The Son of Dragon. The first thing that Dracula did when he started his life as a dictator he did the reformation with impale. Impale is like a killing method. His victim was a nobleman in Wallachia.

At that time, he tighten all the rules in Wallachia and took responsibility of his reign. He imposed severe punishments for the crime and that’s why his reign was a period of terrible terrors. Dracula himself never drinks blood, even his nemesis, Ottoman Empire never called him as a bloodsucking creature.

But, reputedly Dracula developed a belief that if his followers successfully killed the enemies in a war, so they have to drink the blood from their enemies as a symbol of courage, aggression, and denial of God.

So, the difference between Dracula and Vampire is only the different between their name and the characters.

Vampire is known as a name for community of aggression, cruel, bloodsucking creature who only appears in the middle of the night when the sun goes down, while Dracula is more to somebody who lives in ancient times and believed as the origins of Vampire.

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