The Magnificent Luwak Coffee

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Have you ever heard about Luwak Coffee from Indonesia? I’m sure you had. Most of the people said that Luwak coffee is expensive for a cup of coffee, but the tasty is worth it. Luwak coffee is very delicious.

But, some of them have no idea if Luwak coffee is came from Luwak’s poop. Well, for the readers who have just known about that, don’t be so surprised, let’s we get closer to know about Luwak coffee history first.

Luwak Coffee

Luwak coffee history is related to the coffee cultivation history in Indonesia. In the beginning of 18th century, the Dutch opened commercial tree plantation in Java and Sumatera, one of the plant is Arabica coffee seeds which came from Yemen.

The Magnificent Luwak Coffee

In Cultuurstelsel era, the Dutch forbid Indonesian people to who work in plantation to pick coffee fruit for their consumption, but they really want to taste the well-known coffee, so they have an idea because they recognize one animal called civet cat or Luwak or Luwak Musang in Bahasa that always eat coffee fruit, but the unique side is, civet cat just absorb the flesh of coffee fruits, while the coffee seeds are still intact and good.

So, Indonesian worker pick the coffee seeds and separate it from Luwak’s poop. After that, they clean it, roast it, ground it, then they brewed with hot water, and voila here it is, the legendary Luwak coffee.

Luwak Coffee 1So, the question is, why the most expensive and tastier coffee in Indonesia should came from Luwak’s poop? Well, Luwak loves to seek nice and cook fruits like coffee fruits. With its sensitive smell, Luwak will choose the fruit that already ripe optimally.

Luwak has simple digestion system, so the coffee seed will not be absorbed. So, why Luwak coffee seed is called best quality of coffee seed ever. The aroma and taste from the coffee is very special and perfect for the coffee lovers around the world.

So that’s why Luwak coffee is very expensive until the name of Luwak coffee is written in Guinness Book of Record.

Another advantages of Luwak Coffee

Beside the tasty and the quality, this coffee has advantages for our health too. Coffee drinkers will not developed by the neurological disease like Parkinson or Alzheimer. The antioxidant inside of coffee will prevent labefaction of cells that connected to Parkinson, while caffeine will obstruct inflammation in brain which is the cause of Alzheimer.

Coffee will release phytoestrogen and flavonoid that will hold tumor development, so that’s why coffee will help woman prevent from breast cancer, but it’s just from the coffee drinkers (woman) who drink coffee 4 cups a day.

Luwak Coffee 2Coffee also decrease the risk of skin cancer by drink 2 until 5 cups of coffee for a day everyday, the caffeine will trigger our skin to against pre-cancer cells and stop tumor development.

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The people who drink coffee 3 until 4 cups a day will decrease risk of diabetic for 30%, but for your note, the coffee isn’t supposed to be mixed with sugar.


Luwak coffee is very tasteful and health. So, for the readers who haven’t tried this coffee, go to the coffee shop and order it. Luwak coffee is pure from Indonesia. We as an Indonesian people have to taste this coffee.

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