The Miracles of Writing Diary

April 26, 2012 | By Devina Janice | Filed in: Blogging.

Most people said that writing a diary is an activity for children and unimportant for adults. As time goes by, writing diary is not only write our private story in the book then keep it safe in our own dashboard so no one can read it, but throw an idea into some paragraphs and make it to be an outstanding story so it can be read.

The Miracles of Writing Diary

Hope the reader can be motivated or inspired by our story. So this is the answer why in this time there are so many online diary or we can call it a blog on the internet. That blog is about the stories that can be an example story for the reader and maybe the story can inspire them.

The Miracles of Writing Diary

There are so many advantages that we can get from writing a diary routinely. The first one, we can explore our writing ability. The second one, our memory strength will increase, because by writing a diary we will write it again or repeat the moments that have already happened. The third one, our intelligence will train when we are writing some plots in our diary.

The people who have a good writing ability, ascertain they already have a huge of vocabularies, and it proves that the more we writing the more our intelligence will increase. The last one, writing a diary can produce some money.

There are so many professional writer starts their career as an amateur diary writer, then they keep on collect their stories of their life and bundle it as a book. One of the many successful writer is Raditya Dika. Begin from his hobby by writing a diary in a blog, now his books are best-selling.

Some tips from me if you want to make the miracle of writing diary happen is to start writing in your diary whether it’s in the book or in a blog from now on. Write everything that you’ve just been through and you couldn’t say it out loud.

Write your unforgettable moment you have in the past, write your daily activity with an attractive words, write your own tips to solve some problems, write your plan to your future in your diary.

Make an ordinary plot into extraordinary. Write your inspiring moment so maybe you could inspire the reader too. Write everything you have in mind to your diary and you are exploring your ability to success.

For the last tips, don’t forget to sort your private story from the reader sight and if you want to publish your story, make sure that you do not write an offensive story and racist. Attract the reader with your attractive word. Maybe you can add the picture to convince your story, it would be great. Be kind of a wise and natural writer.

Don’t be so cocky and hyper-writer, make your story as original as it happen so the reader love your writing and yourself. The last thing, if you want to go online, you can try,, or Happy writing and good luck! Hope you will get The Miracles of Writing Diary 🙂

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