4 Important Points of The Power of Brave

September 23, 2012 | By Devina Janice | Filed in: Blogging.

power of braveThe Power of Brave: Sometimes, you are afraid of something that might be come when you decide some decisions, take responsibility, or compete in some competitions.

You are not brave enough to face something new. You are too afraid to move on, try something different, take responsibility of something big, and get involve into a competition.

You are always playing ‘safe’ because you are not brave enough to get into some risks and being out of the box. That’s the problem of the teenagers nowadays. They don’t have the power of brave. The power of brave is also mean the power to move on, be better, and different.

Usually, worried feeling is come up when you feel weird between our potential and the condition that you are going to face it. It means you cannot be brave because you judge yourself that you cannot do that because your fantasy about something that makes you worried. So it turns out that being afraid is got you away from success.

The Power of Brave

So, here’s something that you should do if you want to be brave.

First, you have to know and sure about what you wanted. For example, you want to be success in your presentation, but you are too afraid because you are shame and too afraid about people staring at you, well just focus and against your worried feeling with your ambition.

Second, you just have to trust yourself, think positively. If you should take big responsibility in your duty, then trust yourself that you can do it well, don’t think about something that might come to tear you down, but think about how you can move yourself reach your goals.

Third, discover your potential, you strengths and weaknesses, and think about how to manage your weaknesses, after that you should know about your condition surrounding, imagine about the risk that you’ll face it while you reach the success.

Forth, the only way to be brave and get off the worry feeling is preparation. With the good preparation you have, you can have it as an ammunition for war. When you will face something big like important meeting, school president campaign, or presentation, you have to prepare it the best you can.

So automatically, if you prepare the good preparation, you’ll be brave to face the big day than other person who doesn’t prepared enough.

Well, if you still can’t be brave to do something that you don’t usually do, you can start with a little thing like change your routine. For example, maybe you are the kind of ‘yes man’. So whoever the person asking you to do something, you always say ‘yes’ even you don’t want to do it. Starting now, change that, try to say no. You need to brave enough to decline every offer that you don’t like.

Then, being brave to take responsibility, add some new duties with big responsibility in that. All the duties mean you expand your experiences in life to learn about something new. Let’s see how brave you can do your responsibility. Beside that, you can be brave by saying your opinion in discussion. I’m sure that every of you choose to keep silent in class discussion than tell everybody about your opinion.

Well, let’s change that. Believe that your opinion is worth to being heard.

For the last, you should be brave to move first. For example, if teachers ask class to volunteer to be their assistant, don’t be afraid, let’s move, and raise your hand. Start to be brave with a little thing like asking for apologize to your friend for example. When you start your step to be brave a little bit, then you can be truly brave in your daily life.

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