The Power of Fasting

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The power of fasting; Fasting is not only piety without purpose, beside the wisdom of fasting like I said in my last posting, Healthy Ramadhan Fasting, fasting has so many benefits for our health. The truth is, not only Moslems who fast every Ramadhan and other particular day, the people of other religions like Christian or Jewish also fasting for their health. So, fasting is very important to our body’s health and it’s very beneficial.

The Power of Fasting

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When we’re fasting, our digestion system takes a rest for a while, thus digestive organ like esophagus, intestine, and gastric will work normally when we absorb the food. When we fasting, our body does natural detox process, it will neutralize poison in our body.

The power of fasting: When gastric is empty, absorption process of food will run perfectly, so the body will not keep the food scraps that already decayed. Fasting can also increase our immune system, because when we fast, the amount of white blood cells is increase. White blood cell is a main unsure of immune system in our body so we are so vulnerable of disease.

For the people who suffer arthritis when they fasting, it will ease the pain from arthritis, this is happen because neutrophils cells for eradicate the bacterial will increase.

The Power of Fasting

Neutrophils called neutral cell, it’s the unsure who can neutralize the poison and bacterial which causing arthritis. Beside that, when we fast, the consumption of foods that consists fat, sugar, and cholesterol will is less. This thing will help to decrease high blood pressure, sugar level, and cholesterol.

This benefit will be better if you consume healthy food when Sahur and break time. Fasting can also help you to less over ion in your body and the good benefit that every single woman wants when they fast is they can lose their weight.

Acids and bases level in body can be balanced if we fasting, it can also fix hormonal function that needed in every physiology and biochemical process in the body. When people fasting, automatically they will try to be more patient and hold every desire such as angry, so that will make the hormonal function run normally so life’s rhythm will be more harmonic.

Fasting can rejuvenate our body cells, when fasting, our body organ in relax condition, so they have chance to renew the cells. The function of body organ and reproduction can increase if we fasting, for example our five senses will be stronger.

These are natural foods that you can use or eat in order to make you stay fresh and healthy while fasting. There’s honey, honey will make your stamina increase, and keep your immune system, then dates, dates will prevent anemia and there are many other savors from it. Ginger is also needed before fasting, in order to prevent headache and queasiness. So, eat healthy food like fruits and vegetables, don’t eat fried food too much, if you eat every healthy food when Sahur, automatically you will get the benefits of fasting better than everyone else.

So, fasting is absolutely bring so many benefits to your body, I hope after Ramadhan month, you will still fasting twice a week to keep your body stay healthy. Happy fasting!

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