The Real Boss is A Leader: Tips to Become a Successful Boss

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The Real Boss is A Leader, Being a real boss doesn’t have to be mean and rude in order to get the attention and respect from your staff.

Sometimes as I see in some company cases, some bosses act and do whatever they want without focusing about their responsibility to run the company and also their attention to give welfare to the employees is very less, so that’s why so many corruption cases happened not only in government institution but also in private companies, because the bosses abusing their power.

So I could say that there’s a huge different between a boss and a leader. A boss not necessarily be a leader, but a leader surely can run a boss position.

The Real Boss is A Leader

The Real Boss is A Leader

So if you are young , smart, and on the way to be a new boss in your company, you should prepare your self to be a better boss than before, rule wisely, and never abuse the powers.

The Real Boss is A Leader

If you already took a boss position, so you also need to be a leader, not only a ‘boss’ who loves bossing around.

Here’s the tips to become a successful boss…

You need to build a good relationship with your employees or staff. Treat them as friends not servants. Take this as a capital for you, a positive aspects that you can keep up.

If the relation between you and your staff like a partner or even friends, believe me your staff will be loyal for you and trust your capability as a boss. So they will be very cooperative, helpful, and always support you.

If someday, in one condition your staff’s performance is not maximal like they cannot finish the task right on deadline, so all you can do is remind them or maybe warn them wisely, no need to angry.

You can talk to them personally in right condition because we have no idea what have been gone through them that affects their work in the office.

You can just give a general explain to them why a good performance is very needed to work.

Beside its good for a company, it might bring a positive impact for themselves too, like maybe the board will pay the attention for them because of their achievements, then they will get a promotion, have an interesting project, or maybe they will be sent to another country as a delegate.

As a good boss, you need to lead your staff, not driving them into whatever you wanted, don’t be such a dictator. As a leader you need to being democratic, listen what’s your staff opinion and rules wisely.

Beside that you have to persuade your staff to think globally so they won’t be stuck when deadline is coming after them. Don’t forget to always motivate them and give spirit so they will optimize their work.

The last thing, to be a good boss you need to stay humble. Stay friendly with the employees, care with your teamwork, and when the office hour is over, still to be you, a friend to everybody, not a boss.

This is a quote from Theodore Roosevelt, ‘People ask the difference between a leader and a boss. The leader leads and the boss drives. Appreciate you are willing to add a statement on this title of The Real Boss is A Leader 🙂

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