The Realization of Democracy in Indonesia

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The Realization of Democracy in IndonesiaDemocracy is a government system from people, by people, and for people. Etymologically the meaning of democracy is came from Demos means people and Cratein means government.

One authority into executive, legislative, and judicial. Those three authorities separated independently and stay on a line with one another.

Its alignment and independence from these authorities are needed in order to monitor and control each other based on check and balances principal.

Democracy in a state showed by the existence of democracy party which is the election. The success of democracy practice can be decided through the effectiveness of election in deliver people’s opinions.

The Realization of Democracy in Indonesia

The first election in Indonesia was held in 1955, but the legislative member formed by the election was dissolved by the first president of Indonesia, Mr. Soekarno. So, I can say that the result of first election in Indonesia didn’t work so well, because it didn’t bring any of the good impact or revolution to the people.

The election expected could be a way for people of Indonesia to use their right of choosing the representatives, so the election must be very honest, fair, directly, general, independent, privacy without any press from any sides, so it would be a very democratic election.

Beside from the election, the manifest of democracy can be looked from the political recruitment process. This political recruitment process means the selection of every individual who has an ability to fulfill the political position in legislative or executive.

In reformation era, every recruitment of every individual has already opened and transparent, means that every people who proficient in politics and has capability, popularity, and also exceptibility can nominate themselves.

Rotation of authority in executive and legislative board is also important to the realization of democracy. Rotation of authority can prevent the absolute power by government to the people.

Example, in the reign of new order, the rotation of power wasn’t working with proving that President Soeharto served as a president of Indonesia for 32 years.

No one dared to nominate other candidates beside Soeharto, it seems like the democracy wasn’t work because the people’s too afraid to use their right to choose any other candidates independently without any pressure or threaten from any sides.

But as time goes by, the democracy system in Indonesia getting better from its realization. Because in this reformation era, the transparency in government system and also pure election are very strict.

The last thing, the realization of good democracy system can be seen from the existence of civil right guaranty. Legally, the rules already arranged in constitution from paragraph 27 until 34. In reformation era, the civil rights in politics already opened, the chance for the people who wants to deliver the people’s opinion by sitting in the legislative position is bigger.

So it can be concluded that the democracy in Indonesia (reformation era) is getting better of showing its role in deliver people’s voice to the government and also honor the civil rights. The real democracy is just got real, people. So as good citizen, we have to respect and appreciate the system by using our right to voiced.

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