4 Reasons to Quit Your Job

October 1, 2012 | By Devina Janice | Filed in: Blogging.

Do you want o quit your job ? Feel bored with your job right now? Or stuck? Well, let’s moving out without any problems. There are so many reasons from the person who want move and seek to the other job or make the job. Sometimes, the employee in some companies feels that their carrier is stuck.

quitThey just did all the same duties for years with the same salary without any increase or promotion. That’s terrible and will make their creativity die. So, for you, Readers who have been there and consider of quitting the job, don’t think any longer, the reason is such a motivation for you to get a better job.

1. Company Never Appreciate Their Employee: No Reward

Beside that, there are some people feel that their company never appreciate its employees by giving a reward. They did the job as loyal as they can, they let their time wasted just for finish their duties, but they don’t get any reward or even compliments from their boss.

I think that’s very exhausting, because I’m sure their boss think that the duties is their responsibility so they don’t need any reward to keep burning their spirit. Is that one of the reason why you want to quit your job? If yes, this is worth to consider, because work in a company without any reward for its employees is truly exhausting.

2. Salary

The stable salary without any increase for years can be one of the reasons why people want to quit their job too. Usually, this kind of reason is the general reasons why all the employees quit their job and move to the other company, because the salary isn’t fulfill their needed. So, that’s why so many companies worried to lose their best employee. The salary is the main thing why people want to work in certain company or not.

There are some employees quit the job because their job isn’t fit with their major or their dream. For the people who work just for the money I’m sure they can’t enjoy their job.

So, did you love your job?

If the answer is no, well think about move to other job or make the job!

Being a freelance isn’t as hell as you think. You’ll enjoy your work if you love it even though the salary isn’t big. But I think if you work with your passion, you will reach the success sooner than you did right now.

3. Bad Environment in the office

Beside those internal factors of the employees to quit their job, there’s also an external factor. The external factors like the bad environment in the office. For the example, maybe your partners in the office treating you bad, so does your boss plus the target of the company is too high. That environment will make you stress and being under pressure. That’s not good for sure. So beside you have to stand for it, better if you quit that job.

4. Distance

The far distance from house to the office can be one of the reasons why people quit their job. First, the traffic condition isn’t being friendly nowadays. You waste much of your time in the street and tired. When you arrive at the office, your spirit is low because your tiredness on the way. Beside that, your salary will be waste too much to cost accommodation than your needs.

So, for you Readers who want to quit your job and look for better place, what’s your main reason?

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