The Benefits and Reasons You Should Study Abroad

December 12, 2012 | By Devina Janice | Filed in: Blogging.

Have you ever think about studying abroad?

Far away from your family, your friend, and your homeland country. You will be so out of your comfort zone and everything’s going to be hard and complicated when you’re alone in foreign country. For example, you have to adapt and learn about the new culture, language, and folkways in there which that is a very hard thing to do.

Certainly, it sounds creepy to learn far away from your home but it’s worth to try and guarantee you a better future. There will be so many advantages that you can get if you challenge yourself to study abroad.

For the first benefit, of course you will learn foreign language quickly rather than you learn about it in school or course. When you study abroad such as in United States or Europe, you will forced your self to speak English or another foreign language in there because you surrounded by local people in there which is when you want to call for delivery service, ask for help, and socialize with them you should use their language.

The Reasons You Should Study Abroad

The Reasons You Should Study AbroadBeside that, you will have bunch of friends from so many countries. You will learn about so many cultures and languages. You’ll become such a global minded person because you make friends with people in around the world in your campus.

Your thinking way will be better and flexible, because so many point of view from your friends which is that could be your reference to think and respond about some important issues or act in society.

If you decided to study in United Kingdom or one of the country in Europe continent, you will get bonus from your decision because you will have more chance to travel around Europe with friendly price. Your knowledge about the world outside your local world will be more expand and then you will also know about the perspective of foreign people about your country whether it’s positive or negative shoutout.

When you stuck in a very different world, you will have a chance to think and realize about your belief, your point of view, and also your values. Because you will learn about so many new things, so you can choose what fits in you and what you have to ignore.

One more thing that you should bring when you study abroad is your country’s pride. Realize or not, when you go to another country to do something useful, you also bring your country’s name, so always proud of where you came from.

study The very last benefit if you go to study abroad is you will increase your resume quality to apply to some companies, that would be such a plus score in front of the company that you applied to, because your quality as a fresh graduate from foreign university is not doubtful anymore.

You have skills, you speak English fluently, you have so many relation from another country, and many other advantages.

Well, it takes time to consider about study abroad, because you will live in another country for years. But remember that the study abroad experience will teach you more than you study in your country. You will get so many benefits and unique experience in your life. You only live once, so make it worth.


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