The Right Time to Study

June 2, 2012 | By Devina Janice | Filed in: Blogging.

Sometimes most of the student cannot take in the materials when they study, not because they are stupid or have a weak brain. It is because they are not in the right time to study. For example, some students have to attend extra lessons after school time is over, I think that’s a very wrong time for them to study.

Because, after school time, they must be tired and exhausted, they need to take a rest before study again to review the lessons at school. That’s why the reason of student being more not optimal when they study, because they are not in the right time to study. They force themselves to study, but actually their power and their brain are already tired.

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The Right Time to Study

So, study when you are in your best condition. There’s some people prefer to study in the morning after they woke up and had breakfast, for them, study in the morning is the best time, because their mind is still fresh and ready to take in any kind of lessons.

But, there’s some people choose to study in midnight rather than study in the morning or afternoon, maybe it is because they do like to study when the situation is so quite because every person in their home have already slept, they can take in the lesson better when they study in the silent night.

If you are kind of a busy person, like a college student with the part-time job, let’s study when you have a chance. Try to focus when you are study, because you just have a little time to study. Don’t waste your time for some random activity after you part-time work. Maybe, you can use your relax time to study, for example use your holiday time to study, when you have no more time beside Saturday or Sunday.

You have to arrange your sleep habit too, because the sleep habit is very influential for our study activity. If you set your alarm at 7 am to study, but you have just slept at 11 pm, I bet you can’t wake up when the alarm is ringing. If you force yourself to wake up, you can’t focus to study because your head is spinning and you feel sleepy. So, sleep early and not stay awake till late at night.

Consider about your time allocation, if you have 100 pages to read, you can’t give one hour to your study time. You know that you can’t absorb the lesson for one hour, so you have to give more time to study and understand about what’s the point in 100 pages. Don’t be hurry when you study, because if you are too hurries, the lessons will not absorb to your brain well.

Place to study is important too, when you feel like you are comfortable to study at your room, then study there. Because when you are in the right place to study, you’ll be more optimal and focus to learn. But, for me, better if we being flexible, so we can study anywhere, without any dependence on certain place.

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