The Story Behind Valentine’s Day

February 16, 2013 | By Devina Janice | Filed in: Blogging.

Happy Valentine’s Day on February 14th 2013. I know some people in Indonesia might celebrated this Valentine’s day because they think Valentine’s Day is a right day to share the love to each other, express their love to their lover, and maybe the chance to treat their couple romantically.

But there are some other people in Indonesia who even doesn’t care about the existence of Valentine’s Day because they think Valentine’s Day is just a west tradition that they don’t have to follow.

Well, for the people who’d love to celebrate Valentine’s Day, do you know where this Valentine’s Day came from and what’s the history behind of it? Well, let’s find out…

The Story Behind Valentine’s Day

The Story Behind Valentine's DayThere are so many versions of Valentine’s Day history , but generally most people know about one history that related to the emersion of Valentine’s Day.

In a long time ago, Roman peoples celebrated a big day every February 15th called Lupercalia. Lupercalia is a purification ceremony on February 13th until 18th in ancient Roman times.

The first two days were used to devoted to the God of Love, Juno Februata. On February 14th, there’s a tradition where the boys pick up one name of the girls in town from a glass box.

The name of a girl who has been chosen should be his couple for a year just for having fun, but there are some couples who finally fell in love with each other for real and then they made it to the wedding. On February 15th, the boys will prod their couple with animal skin, it believed will increase the fertility for the girls.

When catholic christianity became a state religion in Rome, the Lupercalia festival developed and the Roman clergy combined the festival with catholic nuance. At one time, Roman peoples had a war that made King Claudius II decided to order every guy to came and fought in that war.

But, most of the guy didn’t want to fight in a war because they didn’t want to live their couple and their family. So King Claudius II made a rule, to cancel all of the wedding in Roman, so the guy will sacrificed themselves to fought in war. The decision had many disagreements from many people include Pastor Valentine.

Pastor Valentine still running a wedding ceremony clandestinely if there any couple came to him. When King Claudius II found out, he was furious and angry, he ordered to got Pastor Valentine arrested and cut his head. Pastor Valentine died on February 14th 270 C. to commemorate his death, name of Lupercalia Festival changed into Valentine.

Then finally, February 14th remain as Valentine’s Day to people in Europe and America, the first Valentine’s card made by Esther Howland. By the time goes by, now some people in Asia such as Indonesian, Japan, Thailand also celebrated Valentine’s Day with their family or their couples.

For me, share the love to each other not only in Valentine’s Day but everyday. We have to spread the love everyday, it’s better than just doing it for a day in a year.


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