5 Kinds of Boss: The Way to Win Your Boss’s Heart

October 13, 2012 | By Devina Janice | Filed in: Blogging.

The Way to Win Your Boss’s Heart : In the office world, you must know about any kind of boss types. But, do you know how to win your boss’s heart ? Yea, it depends on their characteristic.

So, before you plan to build your career in the office, better if you learn about the characteristic of your boss and the way to win their heart, because your success in career is depend on their decisions too, right?

So, here are some types of boss that mostly exist in the office world…

The Way to Win Your Boss’s Heart

The super stiff one, this kind of boss is very unfriendly. Because the way of say ‘hello’ for them is by ask you about the project for example or things that related to work. Their existence at the office makes another employee stress and being under pressure.

bossHappy situation in the office suddenly gone when your boss arrived, so if your boss’s type same like this the way to get their heart is being discipline. Being on time when there’s a meeting, finish your duty before the deadline, and try to always being friendly with them.

The critical one, this kind of boss is love to criticize their employee. Maybe their face is friendly and not as strict as a first one, but when they open their mouth and comment about something that you’ve done, they may say worst thing to criticize your work.

So, to face this kind of boss, you should show them that you are a very sensitive person, so they will respect you and your duty. Even they are your boss they shouldn’t bully you by their sarcastic comments.

The kind-hearted one, this kind of boss always gives a second chance to their employee. Their existence is made all the people in the office enjoy and happy when working. This boss is very understanding and very tolerance about something.

Even this boss rarely to give critics, but they are monitor every action you made in the office, so don’t underestimate this kind of boss. They do silent, but they are watching every move you make. So, still do the best you can and don’t disappoint them.

The monster one, yea like it called, monster. You can imagine that. This kind of boss is creepier than the very first one. They like to angry when things don’t go just like they expected.

Maybe, if you know them well, they still have a heart, but the pressure in office makes them like a monster to all the employees. So, to face this kind of boss just do one thing, don’t you ever make a trouble, even it’s just a little one.

The innovator one, their mind is full of brand new project to reach the goals. They’ve got the charisma, and fit to be an entrepreneurship model in a magazine. This kind of boss makes us proud to be one of their employees, but we need to spend more time to realize the goals with them.

So, you have to working hard and show your commitment that you can do the best as you can. Be loyal to them, so your boss will be loyal to you too.

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