8 Points: Time Management

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Time Management , We all have a problem with time. We cannot use the time as well as possible. Many people waste their time for doing some unimportant activities such as hang out with friends very often, playing the games for 24 hours, daydreaming, and others.

They do such thing until they forget about their homework to do and other important things that they should have done. So, the homework is getting pile and they are starting to realize that they just have few days to finish their homework. This is happening because they cannot manage their time.

Time Management

An appropriate system of time management that fit with your needs can help you finish the homework in a short time. Manage the time in your life can bringing you into your success. So, how to do the effective time management in our life?

8 Point to do Effective: Time Management

  1. Make a priority. For example, finish the homework that you think it’s a difficult one and more important than others.
  2. Don’t delay the work. If you have an enough time to do something, then finish your important work as quick as you can. Because, the sooner you do the work, the better you will get the result. Besides, it proves that you don’t waste the time.
  3. Avoid the collision time. Write down your activity, duty, homework in your journal. Make sure that there’s no one or two activities that will you do in one time. So, the ‘time crash’ will not happen.
  4. Count how much time that you need to finish your duty. So, you can predict how long it will take to finish them and how long that you took to finish your work. This activity in order to make you realize if your waste the time or not.
  5. Time management makes you free and controllable. Most of teenagers think that if they have a time management, they life will be ruled. They are not free to do the other activity. That is a wrong statement. Time management makes us to do the important work first, and then we will get a free time to do our hobbies without think about our duty.
  6. Help us to anticipate the chance. In addition to balance the time for study with other activities, the effective time management can make your time more productive.
  7. Avoid the guilty feeling. You can do the work with comfortable if you give a certain time to do it. Without a plan to finish the work, you will feel that your head is burdened.
  8. Make a plan. Make a to-do list from Monday to Sunday. So, your works is not going to pile up.

Time management will help you to learn smartly not with a hard way. Maybe if you have a priority, very diligent, and can manage the time properly, you just need a little time to finish your works and learning. Then, you have a lot of time to do your hobbies like watching television, read the books, and relax. Time management is not a magic, you must have an intention to do it.

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