Tips to Attract Followers

April 8, 2011 | By archives | Filed in: Blogging. article Today is bout Tips to Attract Followers: Twitter is getting popular these days. The number of users is increasing within last two years. Public figures also use it; they do it to collect fans into one community.

Tips to Attract Followers on twitter

People commonly use Twitter to share information to their followers. They who have Twitter account usually use it for important information; it is different with Facebook, which usually used for having fun.

Attract Followers

There are some twitter tips we can apply to Attract Followers. These tips have proven as effective way, so it is worth to try.

First thing we can do is writing in the Twitter regularly. We do not have to do it every day even it will be very fun.

Second thing is retweet. We must do it to show our respect.

Third is we have to remember that Twitter is social media; we must use it for positive thing.

Fourth, it is better to make auto follow feature disable because many people do not like it.

Fifth is that we must understand how to twitter.

It means, we must write informative information; do not ever write about something negative or giving negative comments. The sixth thing is posting pictures or videos will make our account looks great and interesting. The seventh is using twitter tools wise.

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