Halloween Day: Trick or Treat?!

November 6, 2012 | By Devina Janice | Filed in: Blogging.

halloween dayLast Wednesday, October 31st it was a Halloween Day. Although in Indonesian culture never celebrates halloween, but I’m sure you people have ever heard about it or maybe seen it in movies or magazine.

So when the halloween day is come, people in west country start to celebrate it by dressing up as creepy as they can, maybe they become a frankenstein, vampire, or bloody mary.

The children start to wear their creepy custom and ask for some candies or chocolates through trick or treat to their neighbors. The children do trick or treat in order to threaten their neighbors so the neighbors would like to give them some candies and chocolates. The Halloween Day seems interesting and fun because people celebrate it with parties and they dressing up uniquely.

The Halloween’s history itself came from the festival which was celebrated by the Kelt people or Europe people in ancient era. This festival in order to celebrate the end of the harvest season or it could be called Kelt’s New Year. They slaughtered the animals and stockpiling foods for winter.

Beside that, Indigenous ancient Irish believed that every October 31st the world line between death people and alive people was opened. The death people bring disease and might harm the harvest. So, when they celebrate the festival, they set the fire to burn every bone from animals that they’ve been slaughtered. Gael people used the costum and also the mask to pretend as evil or trying to deal with the death people.

You’ve must known what halloween symbol is. Yes, it’s like creepy face carved pumpkin, which is usually called with Jack-O’-Lantern. Usually, Jack-O’-Lantern putted in front of the door when the night is come. So, who’s the Jack-O’-Lantern? According to the Irish legend, there was a lazy farmer but smart called Jack.

He successfully tricked the devil with the criss-cross, so the devil promised him to not get him into the hell. When Jack died, Jack couldn’t enter heaven because he already did so many sins, but he also couldn’t go to the hell because he was not allowed by the devil.

Then, Jack made a lantern from big pumpkin to be his place and there was a candle inside of it. Many people said that till now Jack still travels around the world looking for his final place to rest. Jack-O’-Lantern actually is an abbreviation of Jack of the Lantern, means Jack who always carried his lantern.

For the merchants, Halloween is a very beneficial celebration for them. Because, when the Halloween is come, every children even adults want to dressedhalloween icon up as creepy as they can. So, they are looking for stores which sell the costum and the accessories.

In New York City, there’s a big halloween parade called The Village Halloween Parade. The parade attracts more than 50 thousands costumed participants and watched by more than 4 million viewers on television. Actually, in Indonesia there are some places who celebrate Halloween such as club or pub in Jakarta. But, Halloween never might be part of Indonesian culture.


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