6 Points to Identify the True Friends or Not

June 4, 2012 | By Devina Janice | Filed in: Blogging.

It is interesting to write about the true friends. Have you ever feel betrayed by someone that you trusted so much? If you had felt like that, it means that you have fake friend. In this era, we have to be careful to make friends.

Sometimes, there’s a friend who only want your smart brain, they want to friend with you because you are smart, then you can be their slave to do their homework.

Or, there’s a kind of friend that only want to have a friend with rich people only. It’s funny and seems like in drama comedy on TV, but that’s 100% true. So, you have to smart and be careful in make friends.

6 Points to Identify the True Friends or Not

You can test your friend now, are they really a true friends or not?

True FriendsFirst, if your friend is a real true friends for you, they have an attention of you.

This is the most important characteristic of a real friend, how care they are about your life.

Tell them that the most important thing just happened to your life, and see their respond. Are they happy or do not care at all?

Second, if your friend is a really true friend, they must be has some faith with you.

If you got into trouble, they’re ready to help you. A true friend is always here whatever you are in happy situation or not. But, if you got into some trouble and need your friend’s help but in a second they’re just poof disappear, I think they’re not your real friend.

Third, for example, you have just got one award from your college because you’re winning some competition.

See how’s your friend react about that, are they proud of you or jealous? Because, true friend always proud and happy if you feel happy even if you and your friend is in a one competition, but you win it and your friend lose it, they’re still proud, happy, and not jealous with you.

Forth, true friend always be honest with you.

They will always say something about you honestly. If you wear worse clothes ever, they will say it. They will give you some advice for your good whether it will break your heart or make you angry. They will say the real things for your good, the true friend will not bring you down, they always support you, and motivate you.

Fifth, you have to try your friend once, tell them that you have something to talk about.

About your personal problem for example, then see the respond. Are they want to know because they really care about you or they are just ‘want to know’ because they will make the rumors? If they always press you to talk about it, it means they’re just want to know, to make it to the rumors.

Sixth – Last thing, the true friend always sacrifices for you.

They will offer the time for you to help you. They will sacrifice and help you out of the problem. They won’t selfish and just thinking about themselves. They will protect you and won’t betray you even there’s someone offering them 1 million to stay away from you.

So, check your friend from those points above. If you have already checked more than 5 points, it can be sure that your friend is a really true friend.

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