Type Approval Certification of Juniper T1600 Router

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Type Approval Certification of Juniper T1600 Router already approved by DGPT and the type approval certificate issued on 24-November-2010. The T-1600 is ideal for creating routed infrastructures that must scale to meet constantly growing internet traffic for all varieties of application.

Furthermore, capacity-based power consumption for all T series router is the lowest in the industry.

The Juniper T1600 Router is a scalable, high-performance core router that delivers up to 1.6 Tbps of capacity (100 Gbps/slot) and can forward up to 1.92 billion pps. At one-half rack unit (U) form factor, it’s just a fraction the size of competitive offerings.

Juniper’s unique T Series upgrade program allows a T640 to be upgraded in-service to a T1600, doubling its capacity.

Current interface configurations include up to 8 100GbE ports, 80/160 10GbE (line rate/oversubscribed), 16 OC-768c/STM-256 ports, 64 OC-192/STM-64 ports, and at the same time support lower speed interfaces for installations that need to combine high-speed core routing with dedicated access aggregation in a single platform.

 Juniper T1600 Router

Juniper T1600 Router

One of the legal for certificate holder of the Juniper T1600 router is PT.Nera Indonesia

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