Type Approval CyWee Products Has Been Issued

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I just want to update an information about type approval certification of cywee z  which was approved last week. CyWee CW-CL01KP-C and CyWee CW-CL01KP-D is CyWee Group Ltd production.
Cywee z, Cywee CW-CL01KP-C

The application was using our services and certification application has been approved by DGPT. The date of issuance is November 23rd 2009. Both of products are better known as CyWee z.

CyWee Z controller is especially designed for screen browsing on the Internet and/or playing games on Windows 2000, XP and Vista platform. The creative features allow users to have more efficiency way to mapping his/her body action then apply to gaming mode or browsing mode.

This specification covers general requirements for CyWee Z controller and intended to create a consistent set of features, performance and limitation as well as the as the functional, mechanical, electrical, compatibility and agency characteristics.

Cywee CW-CL01KP-D

The CyWee Z can be separated into two major parts:

  1. Main controller [Cywee CW-CL01KP-C or (motion recognition controller)]
  2. USB receiver [Cywee CW-CL01KP-D or (2.4G RF Wireless dongle)]

The main controller as we called TX part is connected to USB receiver which called RX part by 2.4G RF. The communication range can reach 10M in LOS. It is designed a wireless broadcast, especially mapping to the keyboard and mouse.

The main controller can detect the action when it’s moved and send all the action movement to USB receiver. The USB receiver will get all the data which send by main controller and link to PC. feel free visit their website to get more detail information about CyWee z on www.cywee.com

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