Types of Stress

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We live in a crowded city, we always deal with selfish people in our life, we have got so many problems in office, and so many things that make us crazy and stress! And evidently, there are types of stress. So which category are we?

Types of Stress that you need to know

Types of Stress# There’s personal stress,

it will appear from our daily activity in our life. For example when final test or interview day is coming, slack with our friends, huge of homework to do, and others.

If you are included to this type of stress, try to control your emotion, get a massage, exercise and relax. Don’t over think every problem that you have, don’t complain because it will make you more stress.

# There’s a social stress.

Because we are the social people, surely we will meet and interaction with annoying people, selfish people in office or school that will make us sick and stress.

Or we are too stressed because we living in a pollution city, and stuck in the traffic jam everyday when we go to office. To reduce this stress, every weekend you can do yoga or any meditation to calm and relax your mind, or you can go to outside the city looking for a quiet place to rest.

# Hormonal stress

Hormonal stress is the kind of stress cause by hormonal changes in human body like PMS. The effect of this stress, we will get insomnia, depression, and eating disorders. Better if we consume vitamin, eating nutrition food, and arrange our sleep.

# Psychologist stress,

Psychologist stress, almost all of the kind of stress is cause by the huge of problems in our mind. Negative thinking will attract the acute stress, moreover the people surrounding didn’t care about us. There’s no one to talk to, we keep the problem in our self.

The effects of this stress are we often daydreaming, difficult to keep focus on work, hyperactive, restless, and labile. To reduce this kind of stress, try to think positive and fix your relationship with other people.

Useful Tips to Reduce all the Stress

So, here the tips to reduce all the stress that you have in mind. Don’t do anything reckless or without a purpose, make a to-do list so you can solve your problem one by one, if there’s a bad happen come to you, don’t be too sad and frustration, because life is tough and must go on.

Don’t be too busy to mind other people’s business, mind your own. Don’t too focus to a little problem because big problem is in the waiting list, get daily vitamin to keep your health, take a relax time to calm you for a moment, listening to jazz or classic music while you’re doing your project or homework, join a fitness club with your friend, and pairs of aromatherapy in your room.

Spare your time to do me time, do your hobbies, going to the movie, going to spa, or do whatever you want to keep the stress away.

So, let’s try those tips to make stress didn’t get you. Life is too short to worry, just enjoy and be thankful for everything that might come to you even it’s a bad one.

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