Unemployment Insurance as the Best Relieve for Unemployed Person

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Unemployment InsuranceUnemployment Insurance as the Best Relieve for Unemployed Person; International Labor Office recently reports that 75% of the 150 million unemployed people in the world don’t have any unemployment insurance.

Due to the reason, the state makes this type of insurance that will bring benefits to many people today.

To get the benefits from this insurance, people have to register themselves first as unemployed persons who do not have an occupation but still seeking it.

Unemployment Insurance as the Best Relieve for Unemployed Person

The unemployment insurance brings some benefits, especially for the development countries. One of the benefits is as a way to stabilize the state’s economy. The most important benefits for development countries that make unemployment insurance is the insurance gives compensation during the former period after a person lost a job.

The compensation covers about 60% of national average earnings. The other benefit from the insurance is providing the funds for the workers, but this benefit only available in some countries.

The insurance also available in developing countries but it is hardly exists and only few people can get this insurance. This condition also happens in USA because few people who can get it. When you a part time worker or self-employed or temporary worker you are not able to get compensation from the insurance.

There is one thing that you should note about this insurance that the worker is not employed again not because of his fault. This kind of insurance is very useful and essential help because money is the most primary element to maintain life and it surely gives a relief for people who loosing job but not because of his self mistake.

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