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VeriFone VX610 almost the same function with the FeriFone VX510. The FeriFone VX610 have Wireless system so the point of payment can be almost anywhere.

Merchants can instantly open an extra lane or support an outdoor market. Powered by a 32-bit processor, the all in one device eliminates the need for dongles and chrages bases.

VeriFone VX610 Features and Specification

VeriFone VX610VeriFone’s Vx 610 wireless terminal delivers reliable, high-speed performance,  advanced functionality, extended coverage and exceptional ease of use. Using the Sprint CDMA Wireless Data network, the Vx 610 allows transactions to be processed just about anywhere, at any time.

New points of payment can be set up wherever you like! This is a great advantage for anyone who needs to offer payment in a temporary location or a business that’s on the go Plus, the Vx 610’s battery-powered, all-in-one design totally eliminates the need for cords and charging bases, giving you more mobility and hassle-free performance than ever before.

The Vx 610’s intuitive ATM-style interface and compact ergonomic design provides a familiar experience for users. With all this to offer, it’s no wonder the Vx 610 is known as the “portable powerhouse.”

The VeriFone VX610 is one of EDC machine with the latest wireless technologies, such as GPRS, CDMA and Wi-Fi and the modular design provides true invesment protection, allowing modules to be easly swapped should new version of a technology emerge.

The type approval certificate for VeriFone VX610 has been issued by Authority and the date of issuance is in April 23rd 2009. PT. Nera Indonesia is one of the Certificate Holder for VeriFone VX610.

VeriFone VX610 User Manual PDF

Download (PDF, 179KB)


  • Supports multiple payment types including; Credit, PIN Debit, Electronic Gift Card, Electronic Benefits Transfer and Dynamic Currency Conversion
  • Where eligible, supports “No Signature Required Program” for faster credit card acceptance
  • Long-life battery makes all-day use possible
  • Dual modem design – process transactions in- store using traditional dial or operate wireless technology for added flexibility

Specification and features of this devices really work properly and already passed in testing process with the latest testing system in Indonesia Testing House.

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  1. yatmin says:

    saya mau nanya kalau edc bad rtc bisa di benerin ga…..
    kalau emang bisa……kemana saya harus benerinnya dan berapa biayanya.