VeriFone’s VX 510

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VeriFone’s VX 510 has been approved by Indonesia Authority and this product applied by PT. Nera Indonesia. Type approval certification issued in early of this month.
VeriFone's VX 510

The date issuance of This Type Approval Certificate is in April 1st 2009.

PT. Nera Indonesia is one of the certificate holder of VeriFone’s VX 510.

VeriFone’s VX 510 offers extraordinary performance for payment and value-added applications and dramatically reduces transaction time to just a few seconds.

Leveraging existing SoftPay and Verix applications allows merchants to get up and running quickly and efficiently, with memory that facilitates the addition of revenue-generating applications, such as telco, loyalty and gift.

The Vx 510 has a sleek and stylish “hand-over” design for customer PIN entry, and has an extremely small footprint that takes up very little counter space.

A bright backlit display, ATM-style interface, and on-screen prompts with four useful function keys make the Vx 510 a snap to learn and use—minimizing costly human errors. It also includes a built-in thermal printer with drop-in paper loading to virtually eliminate paper jams.

VeriFone’s VX 510 User Manual PDF

If you want to use this product please make sure that you follow this user guide instruction. All of instruction explained more closely in this user manual.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

The PCI PED approved Vx 510 offers the latest and most reliable security protections — including SSL, 3DES encryption, Master/Session and DUKPT key management and VeriShield file authentication — along with VeriFone’s unmatched reliability and quality.

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15 comments on “VeriFone’s VX 510

  1. yatmin says:

    Pa Bagaimana Cara mengatasi EDC yang Bad RTC, dan kerusakan bad RTC yang rusak bagian apanya?


  2. sandy says:

    pak bagaimana cara menggunakan edc ini sebab saya baru mendapatkan edc ini tapi belum tau cara penggunaannya mohon diberikan petunjuknya….terima kasih…

  3. Ricky says:

    Salam kenal

    Saya tau masalah kerusakan edc yg bad RTC, itu ada 2 kerusakan bisa Hardware dan software. agak sulit utk menerangkan disini krn harus di lihat unitnya.


  4. iyan says:

    mas salam kenal,
    bisa bantuin nyari adaftor verifone vx 510

  5. rizky says:

    pak klo harga baru dan second Vx610 brpa?