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Burger, hotdog, French fries, and steak are delicious food that we often consume every weekend in junk food restaurant. But do you know there’s cholesterol inside of it? Or do you know what it is exactly means? Well, cholesterol is a component of lipid or fat. As we know, fat is one of the important nutrition elements in our body beside carbohydrate, protein, vitamin, and mineral.

Actually, its normally produce by out own body with enough quantity, but cholesterol level can be too high because of the food that we consume like fat from animal or egg. So, why do the old people always get stroke because of this? If the level is too high and the amount is too much, it will covered in a blood vessel wall and may cause tight condition or strength the blood vessel called atherosclerosis. So, this is the first step of stroke or heart disease. You could compare on wiki then.

Watch Out, Cholesterol

CholesterolCholesterol in our blood divided into to two types. There’s cholesterol LDL or bad cholesterol and cholesterol HDL or good cholesterol. It called bad because it will cover your blood vessel wall and make heaping fat.

If the LDL level is high then the risk to get stroke or heart attack is high too. Now, HDL or good cholesterol, it called good because it will take the cholesterol from the blood vessel to the acid gall. If the HDL level is high, so our risks to get stroke or other diseases are less.

If you think, cholesterol disease only attack adult people, it’s a very wrong statement. Because, young people can suffer too, because the high blood cholesterol level or hypercholesterolemia can be suffered for everyone include teenager or even child. But, if you are getting older, the risk to suffer hypercholesterolemia is big. Hypercholesterolemia may cause by so many factors like lifestyle, obesity, stress, smoking, and non-healthy eat pattern. But, the most dominant factor to cause this disease is eating too much fat and eating vegetables and fruits less.

So, to prevent hypercholesterolemia should be as soon as possible. Try to eat fat less like eating hamburger, hotdog, or steak for once or twice in two weeks, because those foods contains of animal fat that generally is saturated fat and contain cholesterol. Consume vegetables and fruits, if you go to the restaurant, please order salad and tomato juice or maybe other vegetables and fruits that contain fiber.

In the morning, better if you drink soybean milk, and eat fruits that contain of vitamin C and E like orange, mango, strawberry, or avocado. Beside, consume any kind of vegetables, fruits, and beans. You should keep your weight by exercise everyday so body metabolism will work well so you won’t have the problem. Usually, if you have a stomach fold, that’s a bad sign, because inside of the stomach fold there’s a heaping triglyceride. That’s absolutely creepy.

So, once again all you have to do is keep away from the food that contains of the saturated fat and keep your weight proportionally by doing exercise everyday.

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