Ways to Get Free Time

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To get ‘Me Time’ like my posting before*it is not difficult. Like a battery, daily routine can make our energy weaker. So just once, we need to spare a time to refreshing. But unfortunately, spare time is like a rare thing for us. And we need to be more agile to get a chance to refreshing!

If you want to go home on time and get a spare time more, don’t delay your work. Unimportant activities like lying in office, chit-chat about worthless thing with office partner, or phoning for hours. Make a priority to finish your work. If you’re discipline with the schedule that you made, there’s no working late in your life. You can finish your work in working time.

Ways to Get Free Time

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You don’t need to shy when you have to rest on first day of menstruation. I f you don’t feel cramps, just leave the office for one day to relax. This kind of rest is your right and regulated in law rules. We can use our first day of period to relax, watching movies, read novel, or all this time you have never been cooked because of your tight schedule, now it’s the right time to cook or do your hobbies, spending time with your mother.

You must have been brought unfinished office work to your house. I think you do it because you want to finish your work before the deadline and it means you can continue the working tomorrow. So, I think it is not very necessary if you have to bring your work to your home and continue to finish it at home.

If you always do that, you might be easily got sick. Because, after the office hours, you should go home then take a rest. Maybe you can spend your time with your family, not continuing your work.

If you are very boring in your office, you should keep survive and don’t look at the clock every minute. Because, it will waste your time to get your work done faster or if you are worry because you are too afraid to forget about the time because you are too enjoy with your work, just set the alarm. So, the work will finish and you can go home on time.

If you get a free day, sometimes there’s an office partner invite us to dinner or to their personal party. Don’t just ignore it, I know it’s your free time and you want to take a rest, but for solidarity’s sake it’s better if you come. But, if you feel so exhausted or you have a date, you can decline it. For replacement, you can send your friends a card or gift. They will feel respected.

For the very important thing, to get a free time you need to force yourself to make it. Once or twice a week is better without a call from office, work, or other business. It’s your pure free time to have fun, relax, and spend time with your lovely. So I think, it is not difficult to get a free time if you have an intention to do it.

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