What Freshmen Should Do to Avoid so Many Problem

June 18, 2012 | By Devina Janice | Filed in: Blogging.

As freshmen in college, it’s time to relax for a little bit. Because the rule in college is more flexible than high school, if you want to wear jeans or wake up in the afternoon, that’s all depend on you. But don’t too enjoy with the leeway as a freshmen. In the first time of college, you need to save score in order to make you graduate ‘on time’ with your satisfying scores. Better if you get sick in the first and get happy ending.

What Freshmen Should Do

FreshmenCollege is very different with high school, you need to adapt faster. No one will help you if you don’t know anyone in your college. Make friends, and don’t be too selective of making friends. Get so many friends who active in organization, can speak foreign language fluently, and active in class. If you can copy a student like that, guarantee that your achievements will get better and better.

In college, you have to dare to be different. Most of the student don’t like general basic course, so they got bad scores. You need to change the strategy, different from them, and more achievements. You need the get a best score in order to make your performance index always good and the bonus is you don’t need to repeat your course in next semester because you have passed all the courses.

You need to know that attendance is very affecting your score. Lecturer judge you a lazy student or a spirit student by your attendance, they don’t want to know how clever you are if you don’t fully attendance. The more you attend the class, the more you expand your knowledge. So just keep your absent first and don’t ever entrust your friend to check the attendance for you, it just make you lazier. you are as freshmen right?

Every time you enter the class, sit in front of the lecturer in front row. Choose the chair between two clever students in your faculty. You will be more motivated and diligent, and you can easily ask your lecturer about something that you don’t understand. Beside test and quiz, lecturer will give you individual or group home works. This kind of duty can help you to upgrade your score. Try to submit your duty on time, better before the deadline.

Freshmen can use short semester to take a course for the next semester, the sooner the better, right? Maybe all of you have question in mind, why it has to be at a first year of college? Because, in early semester, you still have the spirit and the course is relatively easy, then you can try to pass every course in every semester, so you don’t need to repeat it in last semester.

Repeat the course in last semester is very difficult and have so many problems like you have to prepare for your thesis and your organization. Your hours of lecturer will shorter. Some of you might be already volunteered in one office. So, I think it’s better if you chase a great score in a first year and relax a little bit in a last semester. Trust me, you need to do this as a freshmen, then your college life will not bad as hell.

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