Why Does He Cheating?

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cheatingHave you ever being cheated by your boyfriend, Girls? Or, it’s you who ever been cheating? Well, cheating problem in a relationship is must hurt the person who have been cheated on.

The broken heart feeling after being betrayed makes someone doesn’t want to live longer anymore. Honestly, the cheating problem isn’t doing by the man only, the girl can cheat too.

But, some marriage counselors said that 1 from 2 man have been cheating and they did it successfully without attract their girlfriend’s attention to worry about it.

The question is, why does the man should cheating, Girls? Usually, they did that, accidentally betrayed your heart because they want something to change in the relationship, something that he expect but maybe you haven’t start to notice, so he looked to the other girl to give what he wanted.

Why Does He Cheating?

This cheating thing happens because two things, internal and external problems. The internal factor came from your relationship. Maybe, both of you had the conflict that never ever done because you two have different point of view of your relationship in the future, educational background, or maybe life’s habit.

Financial problem also can be one of the reasons why the cheating happens. Beside that, the internal factor of cheating can be like your partner’s disappointed about the way you treating him, they don’t satisfied about the sexual life, or it might be they threatened by your carrier and salary.

Then, for the external factor it can be his social environment pushes him or makes him to cheat on you. His friendly style in socialize make him close with the girl friends in campus or office.

So, he would be the place for the girls who sad and need a shoulder to cry on, after being ‘best friend’ it’s not impossible the ‘BFF’ thing lead to the ‘friends with benefits’ thing.

From all of the reasons why the man cheating, many of the girls think that the man cheats because they look for another beautiful and younger girl. Well that’s not 100% true, because the real reason why their cheating because they just wanted to be respected by you.

So, for you Girls who have been cheated or now you’re being cheated, you should do some tips. First, if your boy cheated on you for many times, the best way is you should break for a while, and look what happen next to your boyfriend, is he want to get back with you and regret for all he did later or not.

If he did, well it’s okay if you want to fix your relationship. Respect his regret feeling, don’t treat him worst after he cheated, try to be patient and accept his apologize.

It’s a big no if you do the revenge by betray him back. Try to move on and don’t overwhelm yourself in your broken heart feeling. Talk with him from heart to heart why he cheated. Make him want to tell you the real reason why he turned from you.

After he telling you the truth, try to forgive him and start your relationship back like both of you are the newest couple, find the firework, and make some romantic moments.

For the last, try to understand about his hobbies and join his hobby club. If you seen that you attract with his hobbies, he must be so happy.

Beside that, if you join his hobby club too, you can see his friends, and his friends know you, so he doesn’t have some space to cheats anymore.

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