Wireless N 150 Desktop Adapter D-Link DWA-525

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I just want to inform you that the type approval certificate of Wireless N 150 Desktop Adapter D-Link DWA-525 has been issued with the date of issued April 30, 2010 in Indonesia.
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The Wireless N 150 Desktop Adapter D-Link (DWA-525) is a 802.11n client device that delivers unrivaled wireless performance for your desktop computer. With the DWA-525, you can add or upgrade your Desktop PC’s wireless connectivity without having to purchase a new computer. Once connected, access your network’s high-speed Internet connection while sharing photos, files, music, video, printers, and storage. Get a better Internet experience with a faster wireless connection so you can enjoy digital phone calls, gaming, downloading, and video streaming.

Powered by Wireless N 150 technology, the Wireless N 150 Desktop Adapter D-Link DWA-525 provides a faster wireless connection and superior reception than 802.11g*. The D-Link DWA-525 is designed for use in bigger homes and for those that demand higher networking. Maximize wireless performance by connecting this desktop adapter to a Wireless N 150 Router and stay connected from virtually anywhere in the home. This adapter supports WEP, WPA, and WPA2 encryption to prevent outside intrusion and protect your personal information from being exposed.Wireless N 150 Desktop Adapter Pict

The D-Link Wireless N 150 DWA-525 is a powerful 32-bit desktop adapter that installs quickly and easily into desktop computers. Like all D-Link wireless adapters, the DWA-525 can be used in ad-hoc mode to connect directly with other cards for peer-to-peer file sharing or in infrastructure mode to connect with a wireless access point or router for access to the Internet in your office or home network.

The D-link DWA-525 features robust security to help protect the wireless network from intruders, complying with the latest wireless networking security protocols, including WEP encryption and Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) support for WPA2-PSK. The DWA-525 also includes a configuration utility to discover available wireless networks and create and save detailed connectivity profiles for those networks most often accessed.

To be sure that the certificate holder for Wireless N 150 Desktop Adapter D-Link DWA-525 is D-Link International Pte.,Ltd.

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