Wireless N Router / AP D-Link DIR-505

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Narmadi.Com,- Type approval certification process for Wireless N Router / AP D-Link DIR-505 has been completed few days ago. Wireless Access Point D-Link DIR-505 already Approved by Directorate General of Resources and Equipment for Post and Information Technology the Republic of Indonesia (SDPPI).

Router D-Link DIR-505

Wireless N Router / AP D-Link DIR-505

Detail information about the DIR-505 Approval certification as below:

Name of Equipment : Wireless N Router / AP
Made in : China
Trade Mark : D-Link
Model/Type : DIR-505
Certificate Holder : D-Link International Pte Ltd
Date of Issue : 5 September 2012
Valid Until : 5 September 2015

Wireless N Router / AP D-Link DIR-505 All-in-one Mobile Companion is a portable plug-in router that lets you share your Internet connection and your files all from a compact device that fits in your pocket. Tiny yet versatile, it gives you all the functionality of a router, access point, wireless repeater, and network storage drive in a device that fits in the palm of your hand.

Multiple Modes for All Your Needs

DIR-505 network image
The All-in-one Mobile Companion features multiple wireless modes, allowing it to adapt to any situation. Router Mode shares your broadband Internet connection wirelessly; just connect it to your cable or DSL modem to provide high-speed Internet access for an entire home or office. AP Mode lets you create a private wireless network instantly, making it perfect for sharing files during business meetings. Repeater Mode extends an existing wireless network, so you can place them anywhere in your home to extend the range of your existing wireless network. Wi-Fi Hot Spot mode lets you share an Internet connection coming from a wireless hotspot. This lets you share a wireless connection at a hotel or café with all your devices. Additionally, Repeater Mode and Wi-Fi Hot Spot Mode let you connect any device with an Ethernet port, enabling it to connect to your network wirelessly. Connect an Xbox 360® or smart TV to a DIR-505 to give them the ability to connect to your router wirelessly while extending your home’s wireless coverage at the same time.

Share and Stream Files with Ease

DIR-505 image

DIR-505 lets you upload, and play files stored on your USB drive, and Share

Connect a USB storage device to your All-in-one Mobile Companion to create a shared storage space, making it easy to share files between computers and devices connected to your network. Plug in a USB hard drive to stream your library of videos and music to your laptop, or use a USB flash drive to share presentation files with other team members. An easy to use web interface lets you access, upload, and play files stored on your USB drive, and the SharePort™ Mobile app for mobile devices allows you to back up photos and videos stored your device. You can even customize your shared storage space by creating separate accounts to control access to the USB drive, so you can share your music with everyone but keep your personal files private.


Multiple Operation Modes

  • Router Mode: Share your broadband Internet connection wirelessly
  • AP Mode: Create a private wireless network
  • Repeater Mode: Extend the range of an existing

Wireless network
AP DIR-505 image

  • Wi-Fi Hot Spot Mode: Share Internet access from a Wi-Fi hotspot with all your devices Connectivity
  • Wireless 802.11g/b, compatible with 802.11n devices
  • WAN/LAN 10/100 Ethernet port
  • USB 2.0 port for connecting a USB storage drive


  • WPA2/WPA/WEP wireless encryption with WPS
  • Dual active firewalls – SPI and NAT SharePort™ Mobile 1
  • Plug in a USB storage drive to share files
  • Access and play files through a web interface or the SharePort™ Mobile app for mobile devices

Easy to Use

  • One-piece wall-plug design is compact, portable, and does not require additional cables
  • Built-in Setup Wizard and QRS Mobile app 2 for mobile devices guide you through installation
  • Can be used as a USB charger for mobile devices 3

To be sure that the certificate holder of this Wireless N Router / AP D-Link DIR-505 is D-Link International Pte,Ltd. If you have any other question regarding to get type approval certification products in Indonesia, do not hesitate to contact me.

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