WLAN Type Approval Guide

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It is about wlan type approval guide, WLAN approval test will be based on KEPDIRJEN No.058/DIRJEN/1998 [indoor application], KEPDIRJEN No.268/DIRJEN/2001 [outdoor application] and Most of National standards are mainly adopted from IEEE 802.11. The key parameters are as follows:WLAN Type Approval Guide

WLAN Type Approval Guide

  • Access Control Protocol Method: CSMA/CA
  • Maximum Bit Error Rate: 10¯ 8
  • Operating Frequency : 2.4 – 2.4835 GHz
  • EIRP : 27 dBW (indoor utilization) while 36 dBW equal to 4 W 9point to point outdoor utilization) and 30 dBW equal to 1 W (point to multipoint outdoor utilization)
  • Maximum Tx Power : 100 mW
  • Maximum out of band emission : -20 dBc per 100 KHz
  • Spread spectrum : FHSS or DSSS
  • Minimum data access : DSSS shall be 11 Mbps / channel and FHSS shall be 3 Mbps / channel

Actually I have posted about WLAN Type Approval Guide in another website and now is available to download here ==> Approval test standard for WLAN (802.11abgn) in Indonesia by DIMULTI Indonesia and will get many information regarding to applicable guide for type approval product in Indonesia there.

Upadate: September 18, 2015, This regulation is change to new regulation

Please contact me to get the standard,thanks

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