3 Tips to Apply Job and 3 Points for Workplace Etiquette

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Workplace Etiquette, In other country, especially United States and Europe, workplace is near with teenager life. When holiday time is coming, the teenager looking for a job to make their holiday more beneficial.

Some teenager work in a restaurant, cinema, be a baby sitter, and others. They have a lot of experiences when they choose to work when holiday time than sitting in the house playing games. Beside, they can earn the money to buy what they want or saving it.

Workplace Etiquette

Apply for a job is the most important thing to do. You have to write down the job application letter with curriculum vitae inside. In that letter you can write everything about yourself and your work experiences, or maybe if you have another skill you can write it too.

3 Tips to Make a Job Application Letter

This is some tips to make a job application letter:

  1. Write down your data as complete as possible honestly.
  2. Type it neatly and check again if there any mistake in spelling.
  3. When you write CV, make sure that you have written your personal data, formal and non-formal education, organization experiences, and don’t forget to write your cell phone number.

After you submit your job application letter, and you have got callback for interview, you have to prepare yourself maximally.

3 Points of Workplace Etiquette

  1. Make the preparation, mastered all of the information about yourself in your CV.
  2. Doing the interview practice with your parents, your friends, or your teachers. Ask them to help you answer the question that may have asked by the manager of the company. Usually, the questions are like, what’s your strength? What’s your weakness? What’s your hobby? Why do you choose this job? Is there any other special skill that maybe you can show us?
  3. Preparing the question that you will ask to an interviewer. Maybe ask about your salary or maybe about your duty when you work in there. Any question but one, personal question to interviewer like ‘how old are you?’ that’s a big no.

When the big day is coming or a day of interview, you have to come 10-15 minutes earlier to the company. So, you can prepare yourself and take a breath. Recognize the place where the interview will be held. So, don’t be late!

This is the important thing too when you have your interview day, you have to dress appropriately. Your first look will be a first impression about yourself. Wear a clothe that fit with your workplace. For example, if you will be an administrative officer, then you should wear a white shirt and black skirt. And then, don’t forget to bring a black or blue pen. Smile and greet the interviewer politely.

Try to be more relax but serious when you are in the middle of interview. Show your enthusiasm and your spirit in order to show that you are seriously need to work. When you answer the question, speak clearly and straight to the point. See the interviewer face to eye. Don’t be shy.

Do your best, don’t lie or make a plot when you have to tell something about yourself. Focus on your strength not your weakness.This is like a Workplace Etiquette ,after the interview, say thank you to the interviewer. Say twice, first after the interview, second write a thank you email to the interviewer 24 hours after the interview.

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