World Food Problem to the Attention of the G20

July 4, 2011 | By Bambang Triatmo | Filed in: Blogging.

World food problems now touch on the highest level, it recalls the turmoil of food in some developing countries a few years ago, the period 1997-1998. Members of the G20 meeting of agriculture ministers in Paris last June, making this issue as a major issue.

World Food Problem to the Attention of the G20

World food problem

As a step concrete scheduled several formulations:

  1. to faintly food turmoil
  2. to increase food production
  3. to control food prices
  4. to supply food for the poor

There are some things that also affect price increases and food shortages as a result of which caused the market speculators and natural factors that cause global food production falls. The existence of regulatory systems and sound policies enter the respective country will create better food object.

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