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May 17, 2012 | By Devina Janice | Filed in: Blogging.

Our article Today is about Worldwide Attitude: Right now, there are so many social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and many others that can make us connect with people out there. In Facebook, we can share our photos, videos, sharing our statement with update our status, and chatting with our friends. In Twitter, we can share our statement, opinion, and our activity by tweet it.

Those function of Twitter and Facebook should be a benefit for people to expand their knowledge, they can follow the successful people like a politician, artist, company, and many others useful twitter account to inspire them, then through the social network, they will catch up with their friends in other country by chatting, even stalking people by their Facebook or twitter.

That is just a few of social network’s benefits. But, there’s only one habit that the user of social network like Twitter and Facebook always do, updating their status or their tweet. If there’s an issue arise, for an example like Lady Gaga’s Concert has been rejected by the police and FPI.

The user must be tingle to comment about the issue by updating their status in Facebook or Twitter. There are two kinds of people when they start to update their status or twitter. There are critical one and cynical one. Let us called worldwide attitude.

Worldwide Attitude

Worldwide Attitude imageThe critical

The critical one always update their status for respond the issue reasonably. They give the comments to respond the issue with an obvious reason inside of it.

Then, when they give a comment, they express their opinion with an appropriate sentence. Inside of their comments, there are some advices or constructive critics that make some people think before they judge about the issues.

Beside, the critical one always comments the issues accordance with the fact, they never making it up or overstate.

The cynical

Very different with the cynical one, this kind of person usually update their status or tweet to respond the issues to attract some negative reactions from their followers or their friends. Sometimes, some of them do not understand about the issues, so they comment just to muddy the condition.

The cynical one always expresses their opinion with writing inappropriate sentences. They just comment the issues in order to looks active in social network with overstate the comment and making it up. The negative effect of the cynical one is so many.

It may cause any other people feels offense, make a wrong assumption, attract chaos in social media, and for the worst effect maybe the cynical one can involve into some big problem because of their status. So, I conclude that those two kinds of world attitude can be an option for us to think before we tweet.

Which one will you choose? The critical one or the cynical one?

I suggest the critical one because you’ll be look like a wise person and you can improve the quality of yourself with your reasonable comment in neutral position. Think before you do something. Think before you comment for the issue, think about the people who might read your tweet or your status.

I know, it’s your twitter or facebook account and you can do whatever you want include updating your status. But, the freedom is always has a limit. You have to know about your worldwide attitude 🙂

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